Name:Ammoximation Catalyst

This ammoximation catalyst is a titanium-silicon zeolite with MFI topology. When this catalyst is used in the reaction system for the synthesis of cyclohexanone oxime from cyclohexanone and hydrogen peroxide, the only byproduct is water, which complies with green chemistry requirements. In this reaction system, this ammoximation catalyst offers the advantages of high activity, high product selectivity, low color, and stable catalytic performance. It is a green and high-efficiency catalyst.

Titanium-silicon zeolite/H2O2 systems are widely used in the production of ketoximes, particularly cyclohexanone oxime, acetone oxime, and methyl ethyl ketoxime. Among them, cyclohexanone oxime is an important intermediate in the production of caprolactam. As the demand for caprolactam in China and abroad continues to rise, the output of cyclohexanone oxime will also need to increase. As the caprolactam industry has strict requirements for caprolactam purity and color, upstream raw material requirements are relatively high. This ammoximation catalyst achieves a high cyclohexanone conversion rate, is highly selective for cyclohexanone oxime, and yields a low-color product.


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