Brainstorm to discover innovation; Synergize win-win cooperation to build the future



          May 26, 2023


        On the morning of 26th May 2023, Li Yuan, chief scientist of Wanhua Chemical Group Co., Ltd., vice president of Academia Sinica、Sheng Jitai, director of science and technology management、Sun Kang, vice director, etc. visited China Catalyst Holding Co., Ltd. and presided over a symposium-forum. Li Jin, chairman of China Catalyst Holding Co., Ltd., and leaders of related departments attended the meeting. Afterwards, Liu Haitao, vice president of China Catalyst Holding Co., Ltd., accompanied the guests to visit the China Catalytic History Museum, research and development, pilot test and production departments, and the visitors spoke highly of the dedicated team and production technology platform of Chinese catalyst molecular sieve materials. and wish both sides to carry out all-round and multi-level project cooperation in the future.


        On the afternoon of 26th May 2023, the activity entitled “Chemical brainstorming to create a better Life” was officially launched by China Catalyst-Wanhua Chemical-Dalian Chemical Institute. The expert team from Wanhua Chemical Group Co., Ltd., the expert team from Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, the business team led by Chairman Li Jin of China Catalyst Holding Co., Ltd. participated in the discussion together. According to the actual situation, the Wanhua team focused on the demand trend of the catalyst market; the experts of Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics focused on the research achievements of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in the fields of new energy and new materials; the catalyst team focused on the company’s key products and new development direction. In the end, all parties spoke highly of the form and results of this activity, found the meeting point of win-win cooperation among all parties through discussion and exchange, and suggested to establish a long-term communication mechanism in the future, based on the collaboration of key projects of common concern. make full use of each other’s technology and market advantages to achieve efficient industrialization transformation of new technologies from 0-1, 1-10, 10-100 in different application stages.