Listing on the Sci-tech Innovation Board

On February 16, A shares of China Catalyst Holding Co., ltd. (CCH), were listed on the sci-tech innovation board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange. CCH issued 176.2 million A shares. Among them, 36.773182 million were listed for trading on February 16. The stock name is abbreviated as “CCH”, and the stock code is “688267”.
CCH is mainly engaged in the R&D, production and sale of special molecular sieves and new catalytic materials, as well as chemical technology and chemical process services. CCH’s main products include special molecular sieves and catalysts, non-molecular sieve catalysts, catalytic application processes and chemical technology services. The fields of application include environmental protection, energy and chemical industries, among which special molecular sieves and catalysts were the major sources of CCH’s income during the reporting period.