Ground-breaking Ceremony for CCH’s Environmentally Friendly Molecular Sieve and Catalyst Project

On the morning of October 24, the ground-breaking ceremony for the environmentally friendly molecular sieve and catalyst project of China Catalyst Holding Co., Ltd. (CCH) was held at the Songmu Island Industrial Park in Puwan economic Zone. Officials including Wang Qiang (member of Dalian Municipal Standing Committee, Secretary of the Party Working Committee, and Director of the Management Committee for Jinpu New Area), and Lu Dongsheng (Deputy Director of the Management Committee for Jinpu New Area and Director of Puwan New Economic Area Management Committee) as well as representatives from BASF and other domestic/foreign customers were also present.

Before the ceremony, CHC Chairman Li Jin met with top officials such as Wang Qiang and Lv Dongsheng as well as Mr. Decker (Senior VP of BASF Group’s US Head Office), Dr. Su Dangsheng (Head of the Energy Research Resources Division, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, China Academy of Sciences) and others to brief them on the status of the project and plans for the future.

CCH is investing 560 million RMB in the environmentally friendly molecular sieve and catalyst project located on a 8.35 ha site within the Songmu Island Chemical Park. The project is designed to produce 10,000 tonnes of environmentally friendly molecular sieve and 20,000 tonnes of catalysts a year with an annual production value of RMB 6 billion. This will contribute to meeting the demand for world-class products from BASF, P&G and other Fortune Global 500 companies. The construction of the project will energize industrial development in Dalian City and play a key role in the transformation of Dalian City into the “Catalyst Capital of China.”

During the ceremony, CHC Chairman Li Jin introduced the history of the company as well as their construction plans for the environmentally friendly molecular sieve and catalyst project. Li also stated that CHC will continue to uphold its development philosophy of “becoming the technological leader in the catalyst industry” and engage in continuous innovation in the in-house development of core catalytic agents. A design philosophy based on advancement, international standards will push certain product lines to meet the production requirements for medical-grade applications and satisfy the high standards of international customers. A museum on Chinese catalyst history is also under construction to record China’s development into a catalyst powerhouse. CHC now aims to establish a closed industry chain encompassing high-purity raw materials, recycling of carriers, and the reclamation of catalytic agents by 2030. The creation of the only complete chemical industry chain in the world will turn the project into the world’s largest production base for specialty molecular sieves and spur the development of new catalyst technologies.

CHC academic consultant Mr. Xin Qin introduced himself and other senior scientists who were active at the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics during the later years of the Cultural Revolution. More than 40 senior scientists including academician Zhang Cunhao and recipient of the top technology award, academician Lin Liwu the recipient of the top achievement award, and Xiong Guoxing the recipient of the national technology award formerly served as “May 7th” warriors in Dalian. To commemorate this period of history, CHC Chairman Li Jin and President Li Yongbing inscribed ” Remember Your Original Purpose” in stone to represent how the older generation of scientists stayed true to their “original purpose” of transforming our homeland into a catalyst powerhouse, and continuing to support the realization of the “Chinese Dream.” As the sponsor of the “Catalyst Museum of China”, he also thanked CHC for its support through donations and the collection of historical materials during the museum’s construction. The completion of the museum will inspire Chinese youths to carry on the legacy and make an even greater contribution to the development of China from a major catalyst producer to an international catalyst powerhouse.

Lu Dongsheng (Deputy Director Jinpu New Area Management Committee and Director of Puwan New Economic Area Management Committee) expressed congratulations for the project’s groundbreaking ceremony on behalf of the Jinpu New Area Management Committee and Puwan New Economic Area Management Committee. During his speech, Lu noted that CHC is the secretary-general of the Dalian Catalyst Industry Alliance and a representative for innovation-based enterprises in the area. CHC has now grown to become one of the leaders of the solid catalyst field in China. Outstanding catalyst producers like CHC provide a strong basis for the development of the catalyst industry, Puwan Economic Area will therefore implement an in-depth innovation-driven development strategy to back the development of the catalyst industry. An innovative investment model supported by the Dalian Puwan Investment and Construction Development Fund will provide enhanced services to businesses. Every effort will be made to build an energetic new system and develop new mechanisms fully aligned with the market to create an even more outstanding business environment.