CCH Celebrating its 10th Anniversary

Over the past decade, we have faced numerous difficulties. 

We are proud to say that, in spite of these challenges, we have persevered.

A decade of diligent work has made the remarkable growth of China Catalyst Holding Co., Ltd. (CCH) possible.

On August 3, 2018, CCH celebrated its 10th anniversary to express gratitude to all levels of employees who have remained dedicated to CCH, and to strengthen the bonds and interaction between them.

First, Board Chairman Li Jin, President Li Yongbin, and Executive Vice Presidents Li Kangjie and Zou Benfeng, delivered their speeches. Mr. Li Jin extended heartfelt gratitude to the employees for their dedication and support to CCH over the past decade. He said that CCH is now undergoing a phase of major development, and that he would work with the employees to create a more brilliant future.

Mr. Li Yongbin delivered the speech for the “Loyalty Award” and announced the winners. The award is set up specially for employees who have worked at CCH for ten years. Those employees have witnessed CCH’s growth from its humble beginnings into a large, formidable company. Their loyalty and persistence helped make CCH stronger.

After the award ceremony, the retired employees staged their brilliant performance to celebrate the 10th anniversary of CCH. The song “Good Start” expresses the hope that CCH will start off the next decade on a good foot and continue to achieve great things. Active employees also staged marvelous programs, taking up the mantle of our predecessors, and striving for a productive decade to come.

After the performance, the whole staff joined together in celebrating the 10th birthday of CCH.

After a decade of weathering storms, we have managed to achieve the success and happiness we enjoy today. Thank you for being with CCH over the past ten years!