Promotion and Construction of Historical Materials Museum of Catalysis

On February 23, 2021, Mr. Li Can, Director of the Catalysis Society of China (CSC) and Academician of Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Prof. Fan Fengtao, Secretary General of CSC, Prof. Shen Wenjie, Director of State Key Laboratory of Catalysis (SKLC), Mr. Fu Qiang, Deputy Director of SKLC, et al visited China Catalyst Holding Co., Ltd (“CCH”). Mr. Li Jin, Board Chairman of CCH, and Mr. Liu Haitao, Vice President of CCH, accompanied them on a visit to the Historical Materials Museum of Catalysis under construction. Later, they held a symposium on the subsequent plan for construction of the Museum.

During the visit, Academician Li Can inquired about the progress of museum construction, and recalled the hardships of the forerunners of the industry with regard to the catalytic instruments and equipment showcased in the museum. Mr. Li Can said, “CCH is worthy of admiration, as the museum will contribute to the development of China’s catalysis industry.” At the symposium, Mr. Li Can said on behalf of CSC that the style and form of the museum should be continuously updated and improved during the follow-up construction work based on the existing conditions; and meanwhile, a professional team should be employed for design and planning. CSC will actively cooperate with CCH to collect materials, provide professional guidance, and work with CCH to improve the museum. Prof. Shen Wenjie, Director of the State Key Laboratory of Catalysis (SKLC), advised that the Museum should focus on both the collection of historical materials, and the exhibition of the latest research results in China’s catalysis industry. He added that the SKLC will actively participate in the construction of the museum.

Mr. Li Jin, Board Chairman of CCH, said that the company would actively promote the construction of the museum, and arrange specialized personnel for the construction work. He also expressed his wish to report to and communicate with the municipal government, and build the museum into a first-class museum of professional historical materials. According to the plan, CCH will also make use of its influence in the catalyst industry to actively communicate with domestic and foreign institutions and companies to enrich the museum’s collection, in order to build it into one of China’s unique historical museums.

Finally, the attendees exchanged ideas on cooperation in follow-up projects, the building of corporate innovation alliances, and other matters. They reached a consensus to jointly promote multi-level cooperation between the two sides.