CCH Inclusion in NEEQ Innovation Tier Marks a Fresh Start in the Catalyst Domain

On May 30, the National Equities Exchange and Quotations System (NEEQ) announced the list of companies approved for listing in the Innovation Tier for 2017. A total of 1393 listed companies were selected for the NEEQ Innovation Tier in 2017 based on current tier-selection standards. These amounted to 12.39% of the 11,244 companies currently listed. China Catalyst Holding Co., Ltd. (Stock ID: 836546; Stock Symbol: CCH) was selected for inclusion in the NEEQ Innovation Tier because of its strong growth in recent years as well as its competitive advantages in terms of differentiation, specialization, and globalization in the catalysts domain.
NEED described the tier-based system of the New Third Board as being geared towards the different needs of medium, small, and micro-enterprises. The tier-based system will provide listed companies with a capital market platform which matches their stage of development and particular market requirements. It will also lower screening costs for investors and improve investment efficiency; At the same time, it will encourage more capital investment in NEEQ-listed quality companies. This will in turn boost the market activity of these companies and their fund-raising capabilities.
CCH was founded in 2008 and specializes in catalyst products. It was approved for listing on the NEEQ in March 2016. The business development of CCH has been based on the constant adjustment of its own strategy in response to the industry landscape and trends while continuing to focus on product innovation and R&D. By actively identifying niche markets and developing new markets, CCH was able to leverage its own strengths and consolidate industry resources to steadily grow into the leader of the domestic catalysts industry. It is now a provider of one-stop industry chain services to many well-known domestic and foreign companies.
The high investment value and strong future growth potential of CCH has drawn a great deal of investor interest during its development. In the future, CCH will continue to engage in constant innovation under the guidance of NEEQ Innovation Tier policies. Its acute market judgment and muscular development capabilities will continue to drive the meteoric rise of the industry as a whole!
During the contract signing ceremony for Shanghai-Dalian cooperative projects on the evening of September 3, 2017, the two cities signed contracts for 57 projects with a total investment value of 170.4 billion RMB. The large number of major and quality projects from Shanghai finding their home in Dalian highlighted the multiplier effect of inter-city cooperation and brought new development opportunities to Dalian once again. These projects were related to investments in modern agriculture, new energy, biomedicine, innovation centers, smart city infrastructure, airport and port logistics, finance, and cultural tourism. These included 37 service industry projects (64.9%); 13 strategic emerging industry projects (22.8%); and 7 traditional industry projects (12.3%). These technology-intensive, highly dynamic, and capital-intensive projects match the direction of industry development in Dalian. They will further drive the development of strategic emerging industries in Dalian, promote the optimization and upgrading of the industry structure, accelerate the growth of new formats, economies, technologies and business models, and revitalize the city’s economic development.
The signing ceremony for Shanghai-Dalian cooperative projects were held at 18:18. Deputy Mayor Lin, a member of the Municipal Standing Committee presided over the event. Party and administrative officials from Liaoning Province, Shanghai, and Dalian who attended the signing ceremony included Li Xi (Party Secretary of Liaoning Province and Chairman of the Liaoning Provincial People’s Congress), Chen Qiufa (Deputy Party Secretary and Provincial Governor of Liaoning Province), Ying Yong (Deputy Party Secretary and Mayor of Shanghai), Weng Zuliang (Member of Shanghai Municipal Standing Committee and Party Secretary of Pudong New Area), Tan Zuojun (Member of Liaoning Provincial Party Standing Committee and Party Secretary of Dalian Municipal Committee), Xiao Shengfeng (Deputy Party Secretary of Dalian Municipal Committee and Mayor of Dalian), and Wang Qiang (member of Dalian Municipal Standing Committee, Secretary of Party Working Committee, and Director of Management Committee for Jinpu New Area). The joint IPO project from Shenwan Hongyuan and China Catalyst Holding Co., Ltd. (CCH) was among the contracts listed for signing.
In addition, CCH and Shenwan Hongyuan also signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement. The move will promote the sharing of resources and expertise between the industry and capital on financial investments. This will not only make the most use of their respective strengths but also enhance their business value in their respective domains through mutual cooperation.