China Catalyst Holding Co., Ltd. Signs Raw Material Procurement Contract with BASF

On April 7, China Catalyst Holding Co., Ltd. (CCH) signed a 10-year “Raw Material Procurement Contract” with BASF. CCH agreed to supply BASF with molecular sieve products with incremental annual increases in supply volume. The total value of the contract is US $557,976,040.00 (approximately 3.85 billion RMB). The execution of the contract will have a major positive impact on the operating income and total profits of CCH over the next decade. The signing of the contract shows growing acceptance of CCH molecular sieve products in overseas markets and should translate into greater recognition and brand influence for CCH in related fields.
The contract means that CCH is now BASF’s most important tier-1 strategic supplier. CCH also received a free license to four BASF patents, making it the only user in the Asia Pacific and the second in the world to carry this license.
BASF is a German chemical engineering company and the largest chemical producer in the world. Founded in 1865, it is headquartered in Ludwigshafen. BASF has more than 350 subsidiaries and offices in 39 countries. These include more than 60 production locations within Germany. Most of BASF’s overseas operations are located in Europe and can be found in almost all European countries. It also has subsidiaries or branches in America, Japan, Argentina, India, Singapore, Egypt, and China.